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№ 4(99) (2019) Developing entrepreneurial competence in primary school pupils in the context of teaching English Анотація   PDF (English)
I. V. Samoylyukevych, V. S. Kravets
№ 4(99) (2019) Training of natural specialty teachers for the development of entrepreneurship competence as a modern scientific and pedagogical Анотація   PDF (English)
I. M. Shorobura, N. K. Kurysh
№ 4(99) (2019) Developing foreign language communicative competence of students by means of art pedagogy Анотація   PDF (English)
S. S. Pechenizka (Gubareva), О. M. Zavalna
№ 4(99) (2019) Theoretical basis of primary school teacher training in Japanese and Ukrainian universities Анотація   PDF (English)
T. P. Kuchai, O. A. Bida, A. A. Sbruieva, О. V. Kuchai
№ 4(99) (2019) Study of teachers' readiness for health-preserving activities in primary school Анотація   PDF (English)
O. Ye. Antonova, N. M. Polishchuk
№ 3(94) (2018) An international perspective on teaching italian language and culture Анотація   PDF
O. V. Stebaieva
№ 1(96) (2019) Analysis of the results of the experimental work in the formation of pedagogical knowledge of the future teachers in the process of obtaining a second higher education Анотація   PDF
T. I. Shanskova, T. S. Guzhanova
№ 4(95) (2018) Communicative Approach in Teaching Italian as a Second Foreign Language Анотація   PDF
O. V. Stebaieva
№ 3(98) (2019) Competency approach to structuring the curriculum on biological and bioorganic chemistry Анотація   PDF
O. V. Stechenko
№ 1(96) (2019) Competency principles of teacher’s professional training and development in the conditions of european integration Анотація   PDF
О. A. Dubaseniuk, О. V. Vozniuk
№ 2(97) (2019) Criteria for assessing the practical preparedness of the future technologist-technician in the specialty "production of bread, confectionary, pasta and food concentrates" at the food industry college Анотація   PDF
V. I. Duhanets, L. V. Tkach
№ 3(98) (2019) Desktop intellectual games and their use in the educational process of institutions of general secondary education Анотація   PDF
M. O. Sarnavskyi
№ 2(97) (2019) Developing students’ skills into pedagogical improvisation using didactic games Анотація   PDF
O. M. Kobernyk, N. V. Kalashnik
№ 1(96) (2019) Diagnosis of the emotional component of the moral value formation of senior preschool children Анотація   PDF
M. А. Fedorova
№ 1(96) (2019) Diagnosis of the interpersonal tolerance manifestation of senior preschool children Анотація   PDF
O. О. Maksymova
№ 2(97) (2019) Education quality management at a medical education establishment based on an innovative approach Анотація   PDF
S. V. Gordiichuk
№ 2(97) (2019) Efficiency estimation of scientific research conducted by masters’ of nursing by means of modern scientometric technologies Анотація   PDF
О. V. Voznyuk, V. V. Svyrydyuk
№ 1(96) (2019) Empirical study on the formation of the motivational-personal component of masters’ readiness to ensure the quality of educational process in the preschool educational institutions Анотація   PDF
L. P. Zahorodnia
№ 3(98) (2019) Exploiting podcasting technology in the process of organization of self-directed learning on the formation of foreign language listening competence of students of the humanities Анотація   PDF
O. V. Kovtun, T. А. Harmash, N. І. Khaidari
№ 4(99) (2019) Features of youtube video service use in the education process Анотація   PDF (English)
O. S. Duschenko
№ 4(99) (2019) Innovations as an attribute of modernity: philosophical and pedagogical discourse Анотація   PDF (English)
D. О. Kozlov
№ 4(99) (2019) Interactive training of foreign medical students for verbal communication in the process of learning the Ukrainian language Анотація   PDF (English)
N. V. Kalashnik
№ 2(97) (2019) Measuring the digital competence of future primary school teachers Анотація   PDF
V. О. Hrynko
№ 4(99) (2019) Media education as a factor in the formation of media literacy of students-philologists Анотація   PDF (English)
L. A. Bashmanivska, O. A. Kucheruk, V. I. Bashmanivskyi
№ 1(92) (2018) Methodical Foundations of the Professional Communicative Preparation of Future Philologists By Means of Creative Writing Анотація   PDF
Yu. A. Rybinska
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