About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Research on Pedagogical Sciences

The journal contains the following sections:

1. Methodology and History of Pedagogy.

2. Early Childhood Education.

3. General Secondary Education.

4. Tertiary Education.

5. Andragogy.

6. Comparative Pedagogy.

7. Social Pedagogy. Social Work.

8.  Modern Teaching Technologies.

9. Events of Scientific Life; Reviews.

Peer Review Process

The article should be accompanied with a review prepared by a leading scientist(s) (doctor of sciences or professor) or with an abstract of the minutes of faculty meeting with the recommendation for press.

The peer reviewing procedure is applied for all articles submitted to the editorial board. The peer reviewing procedure is used for the maximum objective evaluation of the content of a research article, determination of their compliance with journal requirements, and supposes detailed analysis of merits and shortcomings of the materials presented in the article.

1. The author provides an article to the editorial board, the article should meet the requirements of the journal.

2. Checking the article for the degree of uniqueness copyright text. For all articles which are provided for reviewing, the degree of uniqueness copyright text is determined using appropriate software program.

3. All manuscripts submitted to Editorial Board are directed to the profile of research to reviewer. Executive editor assigns reviewers.

4. The reviewers can be either members of the editorial board of the scientific journal, or third-party highly skilled professionals who have profound professional knowledge and experience in the specific field of the research.

5. The reviewer usually within 14 days concludes if the article can be printed or not (fills in the standardized form containing the final recommendations).

6. The review is conducted confidentially on the principles of double-blind review (neither the author nor the reviewer knows each other). The interaction between the author and the reviewers is taking place through the executive editor of the journal.

7. If the reviewer indicates the necessity of making certain corrections in the article, the article is sent to the author with the suggestion to take into consideration the comments in order to prepare an updated version of the article or to substantiate their refutation. To the revised article, the author attaches a letter, which contains answers to all comments and explains all the changes that were made in the article. The corrected version is re-submitted to the reviewer for making a decision and preparing a motivated conclusion about the possibility of publication.

8. The final decision on the possibility and appropriateness of publication is taken by the Chief Editor and, if necessary, by the meeting of the editorial board in general.


Publication Frequency

Articles are accepted on schedule:

  • № 1 (May) – deadline February, 1st
  • № 2 (August) – deadline – May, 1st
  • № 3 (October) – deadline – August, 1st
  • № 4 (December) – deadline – October, 1st

Open Access Policy

This Journal practices a policy of immediate open access to published content, supporting the principles of the free dissemination of scientific information and the global exchange of knowledge for the sake of general social progress.

Journal History

"Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University Journal" was founded in 1998 because there was an urgent necessity to launch a scientific journal of such a type in the northern region of Ukraine. It was a specialized journal on pedagogical, philological, and later philosophical disciplines which was to promote innovative science development in Polissya region, to share the latest advances in these sciences between scholars and scientists in the Zhytomyr region and other regions of Ukraine.