Editorial Team


Grygoriy Griban – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;


Olena Antonova - Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Nataliia Biruk - PhD in Pedagogy, docent;

Members of the Editorial Board:

Argiropoulos Dimitris – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor of the Faculty of Pedagogical Disciplines (Republic of Italy);

Ziulkovskyi Pshemyslav – PhD in Humanistic Sciences (the Field of Pedagogy) (Republic of Poland);

Lukac Eduard – PhD in Pedagogy, Docent (Slovak Republic);

Fantozzi Donatella – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor in the Sphere of Special Pedagogy (Republic of Italy);

Antonov Oleksii – PhD in Philology, associate professor of the department of foreign languages and modern teaching techniques;

Vasianovych Hryhorii – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Verboskyi Ihor – PhD in Pedagogy, docent;

Vitvytska Svitlana – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Vozniuk Oleksandr – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Dubaseniuk Oleksandra – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Zhukovskyi Yevgenii – Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Konovalchuk Ivan – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Kryvonos Oleksandr – Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Lenchuk Ivan – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Loboda Svitlana – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Myronchuk Nataliia – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Novitska Inesa – Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent;

Pavlenko Vita – PhD in Pedagogy, docent;

Pavlyk Nadia – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), docent;

Plakhotnik Olga – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Prontenko Kostiantyn – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Romaniuk Ruslana – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Nataliia Seiko – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Sydorchuk Ninel – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor;

Shcherba Nataliia – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Docent.