pre-professional career guidance, professional self-determination, training, teacher of biology and basics of health


The article presents the results of scientific analysis of the concept of pre-professional training as a system of psychological, pedagogical, informational and organizational activities in primary school, which is designed to fully ensure the realization of interests, inclinations and abilities of students. It is established that pre-professional training is the basis for choosing the profile (future profession) and place of study, creates prerequisites for life and professional self-determination, realization of personal potential, and is the key to successful reform of senior specialized school. The importance of cross-cutting career guidance at all levels of the educational process is emphasized not only by psychologists and class teachers, but also by teachers of biology and basics of health, in the study of higher nervous activity in particular (section "Mental and spiritual component of health" in 8th and 9th grades). The professional inclinations and monitoring of the formation of professional interests of 8th grade students of Zhytomyr City Lyceum № 1 of Zhytomyr City Council was carried out with the help of differential diagnostic questionnaire designed by E. Klimov, methods of diagnosing the professional orientation developed by B. Bass as well as the author's questionnaire for students. It is identified that one third of 8th grade lyceum students are motivated to acquire a future profession, as well as professional development and improvement; the vast majority of students decided on the future profile of study; however, the lack of a unified focus of professional interests and the diversity of professional types of students, especially in groups of future mathematical studies, had its impact on overall statistical results.

The practical experience of organizing pre-professional training in the educational environment of the lyceum is generalized. The method of conducting research training in biology is described, which contributes to the knowledge of one's own temperament and the ratio of one's abilities, aptitudes with further education and future profession.


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