basic component of preschool education, primary school teacher, tutor, State standard of primary education


In the article the author analyzes the compliance of the professional standard "Tutor of preschool educational establishment" of higher education in specialty 012 "Preschool education" in terms of professional training of future educators of GSE. There is some discrepancy between general and professional competencies in these documents. Inconsistencies will cause a number of problems and the future tutors (graduates) might face them while working in preschool educational establishments. After all, their level of training will not meet modern requirements and professional standards.

The article actualizes the problem of professional training of future specialists in accordance with modern requirements. A thorough analysis of the issue of continuity between preschool and primary education through the prism: compliance with higher education standards in specialties 012 "Preschool education" and 013 "Primary education" in the aspect of professional training of future tutors of GSE and primary school teachers on the implementation of pedagogical interaction in the context of continuity. There has been analyzed the presence of consensus on the issue of continuity, which is specified in the professional standards of "Tutor of GSE", "Teacher of primary school general education", which determined the regulation of normative documents to ensure continuity in the primary education sphere.

In addition, the article substantiates the organizational and pedagogical conditions under which continuity will be effectively ensured in practice: they include the revision of the program of professional training of future primary school teachers and teachers for pedagogical interaction in the context of continuity; normalization of the standard of higher education in the specialty 012 "Preschool education" in accordance with the professional standard "Preschool teacher"; development and mandatory introduction of disciplines "Continuity and prospects in the education and upbringing of children and students of preschool and primary education" during the training of future tutors and primary school teachers; inclusion in the tasks of industrial practice the issue of continuity between the initial links of education; coordination of professional methods of teaching and raising children in both links of education in order to ensure continuity, continuity and prospects; development of a single targeted focus of cooperation between GPE, primary school, family and the public in the context of continuity between the initial links of education; increasing the level of professional and pedagogical competence of teachers of both educational links.


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