Volunteering as a value in the educational work of higher medical education institutions in Ukraine



volunteering, values, students, education, institutions of higher medical education.


The content structure of volunteering as a value regarding educational work at the institutions of higher medical education in Ukraine has been analysed in the article; the values that should be developed in future medical specialists corresponding to current challenges have been defined.

It is found out that organizational centres of public support of Ukrainians in higher medical education are the university volunteer centres, which comprehensively help the teams of students – future doctors as well as military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the whole.

According to the results of analysis of the educational work directions in the institutions of higher medical education, it is established that they prove the highest value of human life (the life of a warrior) for future doctors from different perspectives. In particular, it is confirmed by proactive attitude of student volunteers in donating blood for military personnel.

Implementation of the value of patriotism in the educational activities of future doctors is substantiated. It is about involvement of senior students and interns into trainings on pre-hospital care.

It is established that involvement of students into projects aimed at psychological support to civilians and military personnel, as well as financial aid and assistance in supporting mental health for internally displaced persons is a special direction of medical volunteering and education in wartime.

It is proved that participation in volunteer movement by future doctors promotes development of their personal values: activity, diligence, initiative, desire to help, service, subordinating them to national, civil interests – for the sake of victory and peace in Ukraine.

Thus, educational work in the institutions of higher medical education of Ukraine requires a systematic approach to development of the values of charity and social activity in the students both regarding the volunteer movement and besides it.