Social inclusion principles in ukrainian higher education institutions: theoretical and practical aspects of implementation




social inclusion, higher inclusive education, inclusive teaching, inclusive educational process, didactic methods and techniques, organization of educational process.


The work is focused on theoretical and practical aspects of social inclusion principles implementation in higher education institutions (HEI) of Ukraine. The article touches the issue of the organization of the process of education for individuals with special educational needs in higher education institutions of Ukraine. The work is based on the example of the experience of the University "Ukraine", illustrating general trends in the enhancement of the inclusive process in the higher education institutions (HEI) of Ukraine. The research outlines the main forms of organization of educational process in the University "Ukraine" that chose the inclusive way of its activity. On the basis of technological, engineering and organizational aspects of the inclusive education in the University "Ukraine" the most actual remains the analysis of the didactic issues, advancement of the quality of education of individuals with disabilities, preparation of content, forms and methods of teaching in accordance with their specific problems, search for the ways of alignment of the implementation of the principle of "succession" as one of the main principles of organization of the inclusive educational process in schools and HEI’s of Ukraine. It also describes the main organizational, methodological and didactic means and measures that allow advancing the quality of education of students with disabilities. The article reflects important didactic aspects of the higher inclusive education, such as distribution of responsibilities between the participants of the inclusive educational process; technical and didactic maintenance of the inclusive educational process; specificity of the admission exams, ongoing and final examinations of the knowledge of students with disabilities, special attention is paid to the principle of "succession" as one of the main principles of organization of the inclusive educational process in schools and HEI’s of Ukraine. The article proves that only the usage of effective forms of cooperation of general education schools and higher education institutions will foster the realization of succession principles, consistency and continuity of the educational and medical-rehabilitation processes when educating individuals with disabilities.


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