distance learning, blended learning, mathematics, reflection, Google Classroom, Edyna Shkola


The article deals with the problems of organization of the distance learning of mathematics for senior pupils at Ukrainian schools during quarantine. The authors, based on their own pedagogical experience, describe the peculiarities of distance learning in mathematics. They also indicate the types of work that were carried out with the pupils. In the article feedback results, which helped to conduct analysis and further improvement and adaptation of methodological approaches to the conditions of distance learning, are given. In particular, the materials of the author's questionnaire for pupils were processed and the results of several all-Ukrainian monitoring of schoolchildren's participation in various forms of distance learning during quarantine were studied. Foreign experience is also considered. This made it possible to obtain information about the advantages and disadvantages of the organization of distance learning of mathematics and to improve the educational process in 2020-2021 academic year, which was held in a blended mode.

A comparison of the approaches, forms, means and methods of training that have been used since the beginning of the distance education throughout the country (March 2020) and until now has been made. It is clearly demonstrated how the process of improving the educational process took place and the role of conducted surveys and monitoring in this process: the transition from Viber groups for individual classes to the creation of a school-wide distance learning system using Google for Education tools and the Edyna Shkola electronic journaling system.

The functionality of the distance learning platform Google Classroom was analyzed, and a conclusion was drawn about its effectiveness. The functionality of the Edyna Shkola system and the opportunities it provides to the school administration, teachers, pupils, and parents are considered. After reviewing the two platforms, it was concluded that Edyna Shkola system is focused on the interaction between the teachers, pupils and parents, where the main emphasis is shifted to monitoring the individual pupil's performance. At the same time, Google Classroom has a powerful functionality for providing a digital educational environment of an educational institution.


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