social work, social pedagogy, bilingualism, workshop book, professional training


This article highlights the relevance of applying a bilingual workshop book in terms of professional training of future social workers. Emphasis is placed on both theoretical and practical training while studying special subjects in native and English languages.

The scientists whose works were analyzed and became the basis for the development of the workshop book are mentioned, given that there are almost no educational and methodological publications on a bilingual basis in Ukraine for training specialists in a certain field.

In the course of presenting the main material of the study, the application of the "Workshop book: social sphere" by students of the first (bachelor's) level of the specialty 231 "Social Work" and the second (master's) level of the specialty 231 "Social Work. Social Pedagogy" of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University was considered.

These results are highlighted in accordance with the sections of the workshop book. The "Terminological Dictionary" section contains information on the interpretation of terms in Ukrainian and English and additional interpretation of their essence and content, which gives a student an opportunity to choose the most accessible, understandable option for himself/herself. Attention is focused on the fact that the presented terms and expressions are the basis and components of the study of various educational subjects in the specified specialties. The subject "Introduction to the specialty" was taken as the basis for studying the terms. Each student has the prospect of learning terms in English and their further usage on bilingual classes.

The "Grammar guide" section presents classifications of sentence types and schemes, the word order in them, the rules for using parts of speech, irregular verbs, time forms schemes, a system of abbreviations, word combinations of the most used words, etc. It may help students, lecturers and scientists to expand the spectrum of theoretical and practical assets.

The main part of the workshop book is a practical section contains a list of different types of exercises in Ukrainian and English to be used on special subjects’ classes on the example of the subject "Introduction to Specialty". The article also presents the thematic educational plan, the structure of the specified educational subject, as well as the algorithm for processing various components of educational and methodological support.

In the Conclusions, the logical coverage of the terminological dictionary, the grammar guide and the list of practical tasks in the Ukrainian and English languages are presented as well as the prospects for expansion, increase in the description of terms, and practical tasks during the study of special subjects within the specialties 231 "Social Work", "Social Work. Social Pedagogy" is described.


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