medical education institution, educational process, pedagogical system, educational management, training manager, communicative interaction, managerial competences of the teacher


The article outlines the problems of applying educational, pedagogical, and professional types of management as a theory and practice of effective management, which is demanded by the medical education institutions (MEI) to find ways to solve the problems they face in modern conditions of life in society, globalization of the labor market and requirements for medical education. It was determined that educational management goes together with pedagogical management, which in turn includes educational management as a system of management of educational activities. The main elements in the "educational management" subsystem, where the teacher acts as a manager of the educational process, implements their own art of managing the education of medical education students, who are both objects of his managerial influence and active subjects of educational activity, are considered. It is necessary to consider the fact that each teacher actually creates an educational process, as if "breathing" life into it, using the available environment, conditions and own competences both as a teacher-specialist in teaching a specific discipline, and as a manager who implements the functions and methods of management, aiming on clearly defined results of joint educational activities with the student of medical education. It is substantiated that the quality of training in a certain academic group or a specific student of education depends not only on pedagogical and professional competencies, but also on the style of management and pedagogical communication used by the training manager; the degree of openness to medical education (student must demonstrate readiness and ability for effective interaction) and the role they play at one or another moment of education and upbringing (it should be oriented towards cooperation and contribute to the development of the personality of the medical education student – mentor, tutor, moderator, coach, facilitator, etc.). Attention is focused on individual pedagogical communication as a creative process that depends on the personal qualities of the teacher and the communicative situation in a specific social environment. It is the manager of the educational process who models, organizes, manages the process, monitors, and analyzes the results of communication during the solution of pedagogical tasks in the process of pedagogical interaction. Applying an approach to education as a management process is exactly what medical education institutions need today to achieve their goals. The study confirmed in practice the demand for the acquisition of managerial competencies by teachers of medical education institutions based on a pedagogical experiment.


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