Teaching russian dialogical speech in the context of new educational standards adoption in the primary educational system

L. V. Kochubey


The verbal communication and dialogue have recently become the object of scientists’ close attention. The article deals with the problem of teaching Russian dialogical speech and the methods of teaching primary school pupils dialogue at the communication level. The purpose of this article is to draft practical recommendations regarding the problem of teaching primary school pupils Russian dialogical speech in the context of adopting new educational standards at the education system of Ukraine. The stated goals have determined the direction of the study and the choice of the necessary methods. The method of literary sources critical analysis, the study of the school teachers’ experience, the scientific observation, questionnaires and converse were chosen for the study among the methods used in the modern methodology of teaching foreign languages.The article highlights the content line of teaching dialogue at the Russian language lessons, displays and comments on the ways of teaching primary school pupils dialogical speech. We claim that the exercises and tasks used by the teacher during the lesson should foster skills targeted at the development of memory, the ability to predict, carry out equivalent replacements and other operations that support the dialogical process. Also, we have suggested and described the necessary exercises for checking of the meaning of the dialogue perception. In our article, we confirm the initial thesis that on referring to the dialogue it is advisable to be guided by the principle of its functional and stylistic correlation. Working on the dialogue in primary school, it is necessary to use different types of dialogues in, including daily dialogue, newspaper (newspaper and journal) dialogue and fiction dialogue.


dialogue; dialogical speech; skills; intercultural dialogue; primary school pupils; exercises for teaching dialogical speech; dialogue teaching techniques

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