No 4(99) (2019)

Table of Contents

Innovations as an attribute of modernity: philosophical and pedagogical discourse PDF
D. О. Kozlov 5 - 12
Professional-personal qualities as a basis for development of professional competence of the educator PDF
V. L. Кhodunova 13 - 19
Teaching russian dialogical speech in the context of new educational standards adoption in the primary educational system PDF
L. V. Kochubey 20 - 26
Developing entrepreneurial competence in primary school pupils in the context of teaching English PDF
I. V. Samoylyukevych, V. S. Kravets 27 - 37
Study of teachers' readiness for health-preserving activities in primary school PDF
O. Ye. Antonova, N. M. Polishchuk 38 - 47
Media education as a factor in the formation of media literacy of students-philologists PDF
L. A. Bashmanivska, O. A. Kucheruk, V. I. Bashmanivskyi 48 - 55
Interactive training of foreign medical students for verbal communication in the process of learning the Ukrainian language PDF
N. V. Kalashnik 56 - 66
Training of natural specialty teachers for the development of entrepreneurship competence as a modern scientific and pedagogical PDF
I. M. Shorobura, N. K. Kurysh 67 - 75
Developing foreign language communicative competence of students by means of art pedagogy PDF
S. S. Pechenizka (Gubareva), О. M. Zavalna 76 - 85
Theoretical basis of primary school teacher training in Japanese and Ukrainian universities PDF
T. P. Kuchai, O. A. Bida, A. A. Sbruieva, О. V. Kuchai 86 - 94
Features of youtube video service use in the education process PDF
O. S. Duschenko 95 - 106