No 3(98) (2019)

Table of Contents

Desktop intellectual games and their use in the educational process of institutions of general secondary education PDF (Українська)
M. O. Sarnavskyi 5 - 12
Training of future teacher of music to research activity based on competency approach PDF (Українська)
T. W. Ageykina-Starchenko, N. B. Chorna 13 - 21
Substantiation of the professional competence structure of biology teacher at specialized school PDF (Українська)
R. К. Melnychenko 22 - 33
Competency approach to structuring the curriculum on biological and bioorganic chemistry PDF (Українська)
O. V. Stechenko 34 - 42
The conceptual idea of would-be english teachers' preparation to practice-oriented instruction of learners with disability PDF (Українська)
N. S. Scherba, O. S. Zablotska 43 - 49
Trends in the development of adult education (second half of XX – beginning of XXI century): european dimension PDF (Українська)
O. А. Dubaseniuk, O. А. Samoilenko 50 - 59
Preparation of stem teachers in the USA and Ukraine: comparative study of teachers training programs PDF (Українська)
M. A. Boichenko, A. A. Sbruieva, V. V. Boichenko 60 - 68
Online risks and information protection of children on the pages of pedagogical press of the USA PDF (Українська)
A. Paukova 69 -77
The implementation of the creative thinking development technology of high school pupils in the extracurricular activities: results of the pedagogical experiment PDF (Українська)
O. Ye. Antonova, S. A. Postova, S. L. Yatsenko 78 - 89
Peculiarities of using information and reference multimedia publications in the process of future history teachers training PDF (Українська)
A. P. Hrytsenko 90 - 98
Exploiting podcasting technology in the process of organization of self-directed learning on the formation of foreign language listening competence of students of the humanities PDF (Українська)
O. V. Kovtun, T. А. Harmash, N. І. Khaidari 99 - 107